A Message for Heart Mt. Challenge Shooters & Sponsors

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Hello Shooters and Sponsors,

Congratulations to everyone on a challenging weekend for a very worthy cause; the Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Your photos are now available!

In the link here, you will find over 1,000 photos of the Heart Mountain Challenge organized into three different galleries; Day 1, Day 2 and SOWF Purpose and Awards. My hope is you find a few meaningful photos to remind you the exceptional shooting and awesome camaraderie which defined the weekend. 

These high resolution photos have been lightly edited. You are welcome to download, use and share the photos you enjoy at no cost. Thank you in advance for being respectful of the privacy of others when sharing photos, especially on social media. 

If you choose to print or order memorabilia of the images you like, you have two options:


Download the images you wish to your device by locating the download button on the left of your screen. At your convenience, upload the images to the print company of your choice.

NOTE: I cannot guarantee the quality of the printing at photo labs you choose, but Costco appears to do just fine.

If you order prints from labs such as Costco, Shutterfly, etc., I highly recommend that you TURN OFF THE COLOR CORRECTION OPTION before you place your order. 


You can order directly from this website by locating the BUY PHOTO button at the bottom of your screen. Once you place your order, I will check the images for final edits, remove the watermark and release your order to the professional photo lab for production. 

Orders placed through the website are guaranteed for quality.

All profits from website photo orders of the match will be donated to SOWF

Please contact me with any questions or if I can help you with additional editing. 

Thank you for participating in this match. It was both an honor and pleasure to photograph you. 

My best to you,

Colleen Vomund

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