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All photographs produced by Colleen Vomund, or published on, Colleen Vomund Photography Facebook, Colleen Vomund Photography Twitter and Colleen Vomund Photography Instagram are the property of Colleen Vomund Photography. The photographs are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without prior consent, purchase, and/or the written permission of

Colleen Vomund Photography.

© 2016 - 2021 Colleen Vomund Photography All Rights Reserved.

 🔎 In simple terms, what does this mean?

The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author of the photograph the exclusive right to reproduce photographs, which may include you. This includes the right to control subsequent reproductions of the photograph.

It is illegal to copy, scan, download or reproduce the photographs which are copyright of Colleen Vomund Photography without permission, and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.

The only exception to this policy is a specific, prearranged, legally binding document of photography employment under a 'work for hire arrangement' which transfers the copyright from the photographer to the employer simultaneously the instant the image is captured. If you have this prearrangement, you will absolutely know you have it. If you don't have it, don't pretend you do. I am much more willing to work with people who ask for permission than I am willing to work with those who ask for forgiveness. 

But it's just a photo. Is it really stealing⁉️

Your photographic experience and image is a culmination of my years of education, research, mentorship, experience in the field, refinement of post processing and creation of a secure storage system.

Your photographic experience and image is also a product of my financial investment into equipment which includes but is not limited to: cameras, lenses, flashes, lighting equipment and accessories, batteries, chargers, cleaning equipment, computers and computer accessories, external memory cards, external hard drives, yearly website service fees, and monthly editing software fees, etc. This investment is compensated in a very small part by your purchase of a photographic experience or image.

You are welcome to purchase a session for a photographic experience, and/or downloads, prints and other photographic memorabilia from my website. However, I respectfully ask you to read and follow the Comprehensive Copyright Statement stated on the website of Colleen Vomund Photography before you decide to illegally download, use, reproduce, scan or otherwise transfer the copyright images of Colleen Vomund Photography to your computer or device for personal or professional promotional use. Doing so is an infringement of United States and International copyright laws.

⚠️ Copyright Infringement is a Serious Act 

The act of infringing on a copyright is a very serious act and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

The legal principle of ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law excuses not) or ignorantia legis neminem excusat (ignorance of law excuses no one) is derived from Roman law. Essentially, it means that if someone breaks the law, he or she is still liable even if they had no knowledge of the law being broken.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse in any country. If it were, the laws would lose their effect, because it can always be pretended.”


🚦Parents/Students under the age of 18, keep reading...

Every year, I capture well over 20,000 photos of students in our community as they actively engage in athletic competitions, musical performances, and other non-profit or school related events. The photos captured by Colleen Vomund Photography at such events are often posted on social media and this website with a watermark. These are called watermarked photos.

▶️ Why should I care about a watermarked photo?

A watermarked photo means there is an identifying signature (logo or stamp) placed on the photo. This watermark serves to protect and establish ownership. My watermark also identifies me as the photographer who has invested both time and money into every single photograph. 

If/when my identifying watermark is cropped out or otherwise tampered with, it precludes Colleen Vomund Photography from asserting rightful ownership of the photo the moment others view the photo in print or on social media. 

Additionally, if/when the watermark is cropped out of one of these photos, it negates the protection I have intentionally applied to the photo to discourage the illegal use of the photo without permission from me, the owner. This is not to imply that you would illegally use the photo. However, it is possible for someone else to download my photo from your social media accounts and use my photo without permission. 

Lastly, often there are several other photographers at events doing exactly what I am doing; capturing life's moments and sharing photos with others. If my watermark is removed from a photo, it is difficult for me to assist in helping others with reproduction since I can't identify the photo as mine. Yes, this has happened before. 

▶️  Is it possible to obtain photos without the watermark?

When you choose to purchase a photographic experience (such as a portrait session which includes downloads), prints, and/or a photo keepsake from Colleen Vomund Photography website, the identifying watermark is removed as a professional courtesy.

▶️ Can I use a photo from Colleen Vomund Photography?

The watermarked photos captured at public school and/or community events by Colleen Vomund Photography may be used by parents and students without purchase or prior written permission from Colleen Vomund Photography under the following two stipulations :

✅ 1. You may use photos that include you with the intention to share and/or post the photo on social media provided the identifying watermark remains visible on the photo and the social media post.

✅ 2. You may use photos that include you for educational purposes, such as in the case of an assigned school project, an application for an internship, or a scholarship application provided the watermark remains visible on the photo. 

⚠️ Prior consent or purchase from Colleen Vomund Photography is required for use of photos in the following circumstances:

● Personal blogs or other sources of income, promotions, or advertisements,

● US passports or official school photos for the yearbook,

● Graduation announcements or banners not purchased through Colleen Vomund Photography website,

● Physical photo prints or keepsakes of any kind (calendars, mugs, pillows, keychains, etc.) not purchased through Colleen Vomund Photography website.

❌ You may not use photos of other students or people, which may or may not include you, in any manner that could potentially embarrass, belittle, tease or bully another student or member of our community. Always be kind.

For questions, requests or concerns, please email

Copyright 2016 - 2021 Colleen Vomund Photography All Rights Reserved.

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