The decision to invest in photographs of sporting events, portraits, and non-profit efforts are significant choices. Your decision to trust in me, as your photographer, is one I will accept with a great deal of joy and responsibility.


A fee schedule for sessions is available by contacting Colleen Vomund Photography here

Laboratory Production

Prints and keepsakes are produced from a professional photo laboratory which has been chosen based on its superb reputation for over forty years. The post editing done on photos with photography software is calibrated to this specific professional lab. Therefore, the print and keepsake production completed by the photography lab will be consistent with the editing completed by my software. 

Pricing for Downloads

With the purchase of your session, you will have the ability to download your original high resolution images directly to your computer or device. Digital downloads of other various photographs (such as sporting events and non-profit promotions) are also available to download from this website. 

Pricing for Prints and Photo Keepsakes

The prices listed for products from a photography lab of this caliber are very reasonable. As the photographer, I earn a small portion of the fee charged for prints and keepsakes. This income is not substantial by any means. It does off set some of the investment I have made into camera equipment and the ongoing costs of providing a platform to make photographs available to you. 


A photograph is a valuable investment by the subject, the beholder and the photographer. Moments captured are often times a 'one in a million moment'. You can be assured your photographs are saved, stored and protected using recommended professional photography practices.

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