2020 Summary of Non-Profit Promotion

In 2020, I responded to over ten specific requests to photograph efforts or events for our community and supplied published photos or portraits at no service cost to the organization. The following is a partial list of events and organizations to which my services were granted:

February, 2020

Operation Second Chance Warrior Ski Week: over 400 published event photos

March, 2020

Carbon County Wrestling Club : 30 portraits

May, 2020

Red Lodge High School Graduation: over 900 published event photos

Roosevelt Middle School 8th Grade Graduation: over 350 published event photos

June, 2020

Red Lodge High School Water Bottle Filling Station Ribbon Cutting: 70 published event photos

August, 2020

Red Lodge High School Boosters Club: 28 portraits

Red Lodge High School Football Team: 48 portraits

Red Lodge High School Yearbook: over 300 published photos available

November, 2020

Marli's Restaurant: over 35 published photos

Total Value of this Partial List of Photographic Contributions:

$8,285.00* based on average current pricing: $20.00 per portrait / $3.00 per published event photo

In addition, throughout 2020, I was fortunate to capture over 10,000 photos of various Red Lodge School District activities and sporting events. All of these edited photos of our promising local students are available through complimentary downloads on this website. I also frequently donate photos of sporting events to the Carbon County News, MontanaSports.com, and various collegiate publications in support of our student athletes. 

Total Value of Published Event Photos offered at no cost to those who wish to download: over $30,000

Total Non-Profit Promotion Support in 2020 : over $38,285

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